Laurel Hill Cemetery

Last weekend I had a chance to visit Laurel Hill Cemetery here in Philadelphia with my partner. The 78-acre cemetery is National Historic Landmark, and it is absolutely full of amazing art and architecture. Located in East Falls neighborhood, the cemetery was founded in 1836 and overlooks Philadelphia’s Schuykill River. I first had a glimpse of the cemetery’s beautiful monuments and sculpture while walking on Kelly Drive for the Philadelphia AIDS walk and I always wanted to explore it.  I am glad I did.

Check out pictures of some of the cool things I encountered:

Egyptian Revival mausoleum

Egyptian Revival mausoleum

Sculpture by Alexander Milne Calder

Angel sculpture for tombstone

Elton in front of a large mausoleum

Me standing in front of a large mausoleum

Stained glass window

Stained glass window

I explored perhaps only less than a quarter of the whole cemetery. It is absolutely massive, and I can’t wait to go back and check it out again–especially in the fall! According to their website, they have tours and other events. I will definitely have to come back and check out their events.

For more information:
Laurel Hill Cemetery


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