To Rome With Love

Last week I had a chance to watch Woody Allen’s latest film, To Rome With Love.  Since my partner and I had a chance to take a wonderful trip to Rome and Venice earlier this year, we were excited to hear that Woody Allen was going to set his new movie in the Eternal City.  A short synopsis from the studio:

To Rome with Love is a kaleidoscopic comedy movie set in one of the world’s most enchanting cities. The film brings us into contact with a well-known American architect reliving his youth; an average middle-class Roman who suddenly finds himself Rome’s biggest celebrity; a young provincial couple drawn into separate romantic encounters; and an American opera director endeavoring to put a singing mortician on stage. — (C) Sony Pictures Classics

"To Rome With Love" Poster

“To Rome With Love” Poster

I really enjoyed this film.  It was light and fun, and the audience had a good reaction to it–there were lots of laughs in the audience.  The movie has been criticized a lot for being unrealistic, and I can understand where people are coming from.  The sometimes over-the-top situations which the characters go through did not bother me, though.  While yes, the situations were not very realistic (and sometimes rather cliche), to me the characters themselves and their reactions to the situations were believable.  It is also easy for me to accept the movie’s outrageous plot lines because the stories are recollections of a traffic guard.  His storytelling doesn’t need to be accurate because he doesn’t truly know the characters.

To Rome With Love isn’t as good as Allen’s last film, Midnight In Paris, but it sure was fun to watch!  Especially because its setting–Rome–is so beautiful.  I recommend it!

To Rome With Love is now playing nationwide!  For more information, visit:
Official Website


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