Art Gallery of Ontario

Showing one of Rodin's "The Burghers of Calais"

I was recently in Toronto and Montreal, and of course I had to check out the major museums! The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto is not to be missed! I was impressed by the building’s amazing architecture.  Both the … Continue reading

Laurel Hill Cemetery

Egyptian Revival mausoleum

Last weekend I had a chance to visit Laurel Hill Cemetery here in Philadelphia with my partner. The 78-acre cemetery is National Historic Landmark, and it is absolutely full of amazing art and architecture. Located in East Falls neighborhood, the … Continue reading

Treasures From The Uffizi Gallery

Botticelli’s Madonna with Child ("Madonna della loggia"), circa 1466-1467

Two weeks ago, I visited The James A. Michener Art Museum for my partner’s birthday.  It was my first time there, and I was excited to visit a new art museum around the Philadelphia region.  Our main reason for visiting … Continue reading

Lines in Four Directions in Flowers

"Lines in Four Directions in Flowers"

I pleasantly discovered Sol Lewitt’s Lines in Four Directions in Flowers while walking on the Schuylkill River trail about a week and a half ago.  I initially saw the news about the artwork on the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s website, but I … Continue reading